Moving Household goods long distance is our specialty. Whether you are moving out of Chicago or into Chicago we can make it happen. Not only can we do it but we can do it at an affordable rate and with great care as well. 

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Almost every long distance move is interstate. If you’re moving to or from Illinois, even Hawaii and Alaska we we’ll get it there in great condition.

Long distance moves are by far the most popular moves for professional movers. Taking on a move over a few hundred miles for a lay person is a task that is almost unthinkable. Luckily for you there are companies like us that do it and take on these tasks every day of the year. Performing these moves so often makes them almost easy and definitely second nature.
No matter where you are moving from or moving to, as long as it is a state in the Union, we can get it done. We even service Alaska, Hawaii, Puerto Rico & Guam. How’s that for a service area? Whether your move requires a 16ft truck or a tractor trailer we have every size and shape truck at our disposal.

When I had a move out of Oak Park I was looking on Google to see if I could find a well rated local mover to give me a price. I contacted Chicago Movers and one other company.  Surprisingly, these guys were 40% cheaper than the competition and when the day of the move came I was  even more surprised that they provided excellent service as well. Very pleased and would recommend them to anyone looking to move.

Mark Henry

My sister used this company last year when she moved to Florida. So when I decided to move down there to join her I asked her what I should do. She recommended this company without a skip of a beat. So I decided to call them and after speaking to the representative I decided to make a reservation right then and there. What a great decision that was, the move was absolutely flawless and even came out to be about $250 less than they initially told me it would.

Janice Fuentes


Proudly servicing all 50 United States & it’s Territories